Design: Bullet Journal Starter Layout



Whether you’re new to bullet journalling or just feeling like changing your current style, it’s sometimes hard to decide on the layout you want to settle in. Fortunately, the bullet journal system is very flexible so if you want to go full on minimalist after weeks of decorating with washi, then just go ahead and do it! We won’t judge. We’ve all done it before and that’s the beauty of bullet journalling—flexibility and practicality at its finest.

For newbies though, the amount of inspiration available can be overwhelming. So to help out, I made a simple “starter” layout that you all can use. You can copy it exactly, you can change some bits here and there, or maybe you just like the key that I used. That’s all fine! Use it however you want!


With this layout, I only added the most essential keys. Simplicity is never a bad thing, and I think it worked out quite nicely here. Obviously if you want to, you can add more. It’s all about personal preference—personally I prefer less.


Here is the monthly log. My notebook has fewer lines than the Leuchtturm1917 so I divided the page into two to get around that. I also split my goals into two columns so I can put more. The great thing about bullet journalling is that you don’t have to have a fancy notebook to get started–any notebook will do!


And last but not least, the spread that you’ll probably end up using the most–the weekly spread. I left a lot of room below the dates so if you’re the type of person to track the weather and temperature, you can easily do so. There’s also a notes section for you to write out random thoughts, lists, quotes, or whatever you feel like writing.

And that is all for now! Two spreads plus a key to get you going. Pretty simple, eh?

Until my next post!



My Introduction

Hi everyone, I’m Jasmine and I’ve been a bujo addict since May this year! I always liked making list and being organised, and I’m also the type of person to make pretty journals and scrapbooks when I’m bored. So I think you can guess how happy I was when I finally found out about bullet journalling.

Yes, bullet journalling was never meant to be “artsy”, but if that’s your style then why not express yourself? Me personally, I only decorate my own bujo if I have spare time. Most of the time though, I keep it really simple.

But that’s not to say I don’t like those “artsy” ones. In fact, I love them! I love making them and I love looking at others’. There’s just something calming about them, you know? When I have a bad day, I just whip out my bujo and start making my spreads. I use my fancy handwriting, I add doodles, and I stick on a whole load of washi tape.

Making bujos look pretty does take some time, but once you finally finish it and see it, you feel kinda proud of yourself and all of a sudden you’ve forgotten that bad day that you were having just a few hours ago. The magic of bullet journalling!

I’m also a high school student with a passion for languages! I’m currently learning Italian and Danish in my spare time and I’ll be staying in Italy for 2 months in December. Why these languages? My reasons are bit weird but the bottom line is that I’m a huge motorsports fan and that has impacted my interest in some languages. In the end, I settled with Danish and Italian. I’m also learning Python and R for those of you who are more interested in computer languages. 😉

So here I want to share things related to studying, languages, and bullet journalling. I can’t wait to get started!